Lorraine HowardBiography

Lorraine Howard, singer and songwriter from Conway, SC, blends many styles of
gospel music in her concerts, from southern, country, and bluegrass gospel to light
contemporary. Her audience enjoys her diversity, and God's anointing that touches
hearts through her songs.  

Lorraine sang her first solo at the age of 4 in her home church, Oakey Swamp Baptist
in Conway, SC, where she is still a member today. The daughter of the church pianist,
Lorraine and her family spent hours singing around the old piano. She has remained a
lifelong soloist as well as active choir member and intermittent children and youth
choir director.

Lorraine's first marriage was to a professional country musician, Tommy Hucks (now
deceased), who was a former drummer for the country group Alabama. Living with a
musician helped her develop a deeper love for music, but her passion was singing for
Jesus and raising her children in church. They travelled to many churches within the
local area singing in revivals and radio programs.

Beginning Her Ministry:
In 2007, Lorraine realized God was calling her in a new venture to make a CD of
favorite songs that had blessed her listening audience for years. She knew nothing
about how to accomplish this, but God saw it come to pass, and she heard reports
how her songs were blessing people in places she could never physically be. She
realized the witness power contained within those small CDs, and she knew this was
God's call for her life. Lorraine began booking full concerts, and God rewarded her
leap of faith with a new gift of songwriting. Thus far, she has penned over 200 songs,
and has recorded 12 cd albums.
God has blessed Lorraine with a busy schedule, singing primarily in churches, nursing
homes, and community events. She has been blessed to appear on several TV
shows, many radio shows, and hosted her own Internet gospel program for one year.
She has released several songs to radio, produced several music videos to her
songs, and co-recorded her last 2 albums.

Grace Revealed Ministry:
Lorraine's Grace Revealed ministry started in 2007 as a duo ministry with her
daughter, Lora Long for 3 years. They recorded 2 CDs of mostly original material and
made their first professional video which can be viewed on YouTube:

Grace Revealed has evolved  into a duo ministry with Lorraine Howard and Ron
Stubbs, with Donny Howard, Lorraine's husband, as their set up and sound man.
Grace Revealed has led a busy schedule, are well received, and are thankful for the
many souls that have been touched through their ministry.

Titus 2:11 Band
More and more doors are opening for Titus 2:11 Band with Lorraine and other friends,
where they sing and play a variety of southern gospel classics and hymns.

Growing Heaven Ministry
Lorraine and Danielle Skipper are sharing testimonial services and songs they have
co-written emphasizing how God will use you if you allow Him to, and how important it
is to sow His seeds in life...

Lorraine's Special Calling:
Lorraine's passion is writing songs to help uplift the hurting through trials, through
tears, through sickness, through death... Having worked as a nurse with cancer
patients and families, Lorraine has written numerous songs with this theme. This
passion begun one day when God led a special patient her way, a pastor with brain
cancer (who died 4 days later). This pastor was so brave and victorious as he knew
His time on earth was almost gone. He was so excited-- knowing he was going to see
Jesus! There was no fear, only joy. This pastor impacted Lorraine in a way that she
knew was divinely appointed. She began writing more and more songs to try to help
others see this same Hope through trials, sickness, hospice, grief, and in death. In
Sept 2011, she was blessed to compile 15 of these songs onto a CD, called  
"The Door Of Hope", a CD that she believes is God's call for her life.

Video Producer:
Lorraine has made music videos to several of her songs, bringing a visual tool of
God's message in her songs. Be sure to check out her video page.

Continuing Her Ministry...
...As a soloist, Grace Revealed, Titus 2:11 Ministry, Growing Heaven Ministry
Today, Lorraine feels led to expand her ministry beyond the local area and accept
bookings where ever God leads. Lorraine travels as a solo artist, with Ron Stubbs as
Grace Revealed, with Titus 2:11 Band as their pianist and vocalist, with Danielle
Skipper as Growing Heaven Ministry,and occasionally with other friends like Byron
Mew. She also occasionally reunites with her daughter, Lora Long, for special events
and concerts.
...Radio releases
Lorraine has released several of her songs to radio. "Pray, Pray, Pray" by Cherokee
Valley Records was # 9 on Carolina Gospel Radio for June, 2015, and came in at 79
on SGN Scoops top 100 in May 2015! To God be the glory!!!
...Writing Children's Songs
Lorraine has written several children's songs and has been blessed to share some of
these with All Things Creative Ministry, a puppet ministry from Ringle Heights Baptist
Church is Georgetown, SC.
...Singing in community choirs
Lorraine is a member of two community choirs, "Special Friends" through Sheppards
Promotions, and C4, Coastal Carolina Community Choir, led by Tim McKenzie.
...As church pianist
In 2014, Lorraine became a part time pianist at Calvary FWB in Georgetown, SC for 2
...Presenting the Christmas and Easter stories
Lorraine has had the privilege to present the Easter and Christmas gospel in several
churches through scripture and songs and would love to expand this ministry into
other churches.
Lorraine would love to create a Children's Book with audio CD, and would love to
create a Christmas album.

Lorraine gives God all the praise for her gifts of music, singing, and songwriting. She
prays she will reach many for Him through her songs and life witness.
Sing unto him a new song; play skilfully with a loud noise. Psalm 33:3