Lorraine Howard and Danielle Poston Skipper united in
ministry as God reconnected them at the funeral services of a
mutual friend in 2016.

Danielle had been seeking a closer walk with God through His
Word, and she had begun writing praise journals. She felt God
wanted her to write a song out of 3 pages of her notes, but
she was not a singer nor a songwriter. She knew Lorraine
was, so she contacted her for advice and sent her the three
pages. Lorraine has written several songs using some of the
words and concepts from the 3 pages, and they plan to
release a CD of these songs in the fall of 2017, as well as a full
song that Danielle wrote.

They have begun some services to share their story and their
songs, and hope to begin ladies conferences and other
venues to share how God can use you if you are a willing
vessel, and how important it is in our lives to take time to sow
His seeds...
Growing Heaven Ministry
Click here to hear samples of "From 3 Pages" CD