Lorraine Howard & Lora Long
Lorraine & daughter, Lora Long, began the original Grace Revealed Ministry in 2007, Lora
stepped down from the ministry after 3 years to fulfill her obligation as full time church
pianist, and devote more time to her child off the travelling roads of a music ministry.
Lorraine & Lora have continued to share many concerts together since then, however, and
were joined by Lorraine's son, Brandon Hucks, (Lora's twin brother), and Lora's child
Makinlei, to make a family CD called "For Generations" in 2013 in memory of Lorraine's late
husband, Lora & Brandon's  father, Tommy Hucks.  Lorraine & Lora released their song
"Pray, Pray, Pray" from this album to radio in April 2015 through Cherokee Valley
Promotions. "Pray, Pray, Pray was # 9 on Carolina Gospel Radio for June, 2015, and came
in at 79 on SGN Scoops top 100 in May 2015! To God be the glory!!!