HE TOUCHED ME CD, by Lorraine Howard, 2007
Old favorites....
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"CARRY MY SONG" CD, by Grace Revealed, 2008
All ORIGINAL southern gospel CD
TOWARD THE SON CD, by Grace Revealed, 2009
9 original songs, mix of contemporary and southern gospel
"MEMORIES & FAITH" CD, by Lorraine Howard, 2011
An ALL ORIGINAL southern, country,and bluegrass gospel, songs of Lorraine's life, memories, and faith---
messages of faith YOU will relate to!
"THE DOOR OF HOPE" CD by Lorraine Howard,
An ALL ORIGINAL,  BEAUTIFUL CD aimed for the hurting, hospice,
or anyone who needs to see HOPE through Christ.
1. If You Can't Shout              
2. Carry My Song              
3. Doubting Thomas        
4. Lord I Need You Now           
5. In Jesus Land  
6. I Thank God For You (Makinlei's Song)            
7. Psalms 80      
8. Tiny White Cross     
9. Him I Owe
10. It's Too Late
11. An Angel's Going Home
12. My Morning's Just Begun
1-Toward The Son                
2-I Need Forgiveness
3-Alabaster Box
4-I Come Unto Your Altar      
6-I Stand In Awe
7-When You Walk Away
8-He Will Come
9-Safe Through The Fire
10-Four Days Late
11-Rise Above
12-The Message
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1-Clouds Come
2-Peace In The Storm
3-Rest In The Son
4-The Door Of Hope
5-You'll Make It All Right
6-How Could You Not Know  
see "How Could You Not Know" on  YouTube
7-I Can Trust In You
8-In The Shadow Of Thy Wings
10-Holding Ground
11-My Angel
12-Mom I Know You Miss Me
13-Visions Of Heaven
14-Wings To Fly
15-Welcome To A Land
16-Prayer Of Hope (Rev. Leroy Larrimore)
1-How Do You Know
2-Each Day
3-Love Letter To Jesus
4-Oakey Swamp
5-Simple Faith
6-Saved, Sanctified
7-Scarred For Life
8-Herod Antipas
9-Celebrate Our Love
10-She Never Complained
11-Outta That Pit
12-More Than Memories
see "More Than Memories" on YouTube!
13-The First Christmas
14-Brother Of Betsy
"FROM MY HOME" CD by Lorraine Howard, (2012)       
"HERE FOR THE LORD" CD by Grace Revealed Duo, (Remake 2014)
An all Original Upbeat Solo Cd by Lorraine Howard

1-The Bible
2-Church Its Time
3-Restore The Joy
4-Mr Billy
6-Healer In The House
7-Old Time Medley
8-Satan's Woods
9-I Wanna Make A Difference
10-Lead Me
"FOR GENERATIONS" CD by Lorraine Howard & Family, 2013
Featuring Lorraine Hucks Howard and her family in memory of her late husband and her children's father,
Tommy Hucks. Featuring their twins: Brandon Hucks & Lora Hucks Long; their granddaughter, Makinlei Long;
Clips from Lorraine's late husband, Tommy Hucks and his late friend Monty Wilson, singer / songwriter, who
wrote 3 of the songs on the album
1-Pray, Pray, Pray
2-For Generations
3-He Touched Me
4-Give God Your Best
5-I Don't Wanna Walk Alone
6-Take My Hand, Precious Lord
7-It Was Love
8-Drinking From My Saucer
9-King Of Kings
10-It Is Well
11-Heaven's Waiting For Me
12-Hold On
13-I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now
14-Lord, I Love You
1-Here For The Lord
2-As We Sing
4-Old Time Medley
5-It Is Well
6-Cleanse Me Like The Rain
7-His Name Is Jesus
8-How Great Thou Art
9-Shine On
10-I Love You, Lord
11-He Looked Beyond My Faults
12-How Could We Walk Away
13-Midnight Cry
14-What A Day That Will Be
"Dreamer" CD! by Lorraine Howard Released Sept 2015
14 ORIGINAL songs that are sure to bless you!!!
2-Mary Came To The Tomb
3-Brand New Day
4-My Life Is Spinning
6-Mama Cried
7-Out Of The Mire
8-Granny's Ground
9-Represent You Well
10-Mama, I Love You
11-Our Lullaby
12-Get On Board
13-45 Seconds
14-First Christmas In Heaven
1-Been Through Enough
2-Ten Thousand Angels Cried
3-Bridge Over Troubled Water
4-Beulah Land
5-He Looked Beyond My Fault
6-Holy Ground
7-The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power
8-Going Back
9-I've Been Touched
10-Sheltered In The Arms Of God
11-I'll Be Back
12-He Touched Me
"From 3 Pages" CD co-written by Lorraine Howard & Danielle Skipper,
Sept 2017
1- My Life Song
2-You Are My Father
3-Breathe In Me
4-My One                                                                       
  Hear song samples From 3 Pages
5-Second Chances
6-Your Heart And Hands
7-Growing Heaven
"SOUL FISHING" CD by Grace Revealed, 2018
10 ORIGINAL songs
1-God Is A Good God (by Grace Revealed)
2-Air I Breathe
3-His Name Is Jesus
4-Soul Fishing
5-Till The Storm Passes By
6-Is Your Tank On Empty?
7-Before God's Throne
9-God's Call
10-Walking On A Cloud
11-The Moment I Touch Jesus
"CREATE MY HEART" CD by Lorraine Howard, 2018
10 ORIGINAL songs
1-Create My Heart
2-The Lord Gives ANd Takes Away
3-God Is A Good God (by Lorraine Howard)
4-Free To Fly
5-One Second
7-Number One Hit
8-Praise You In The STorm
9-We Don't Walk Alone
10-Hello In Heaven
"THE CHRISTMAS STORY" CD by Lorraine Howard, 2018
13 of the 17 songs are ORIGINAL . The Christmas Story is narrated between each song.
1-The reason For The Season
2-The First Christmas
3-Mary's Song
4-Father Of The World
5-Oh Holy Night
6-Mary Did You Know
7-Shine On
                                                                          Click here to listen to album samples
8-A Hallelujah Christmas
9-Oh Star
10-Bethlehem Massacre
11-He Wasn't Too Good
12-It Was Love

13-First Christmas In Heaven
14-Jesus' Birthday
15-Born Again
16-The Joy Of The Christmas Tree
17-His Name Is Jesus